Bisnesvoimala translates to Business Power House in English. We empower your business with our skills and experience in business design, business growth, business value and business coaching. Your business power will increase in our coaching. We help you in identifying obstacles and taking necessary steps towards prosperity.



Bisnesvoimala is a forerunner in building prosperous business community and network.

We are helping others around us to build profitable business in all sectors of society.

We believe that in future most Finns have several sources of income, employment being one of them.

We help our peers to become entrepreneurs and we work with businesses towards their goals.


We offer our services to businesses that are on path to growth or new business areas. We love challenge – bring your problem to us and we solve it with you.   

Business Design

Working to understand and clarify your business model. Make it work for you as a tool to support you daily operations and decision making. 

Business Growth

Defining and removing obstacles of growth. Finding new customers and products. Enhancing sales. Understanding the numbers behind your business. 

Value in Business

Defining your value proposition and building products and marketing accordingly. Doing all operations in business according to customer value gives you constant stream of solid income.   


We do coaching, training, lectures, speeches and workshops. Our topics are value, growth, business design and financing your business. 

How Can We Start Working Together

  1. It is time to start your own business
  2. It is time to start growing your business
  3. It is time to enhance and build your network
  4. It is time to become digital in your business5. You are looking for an experienced business partner

business designer and business coach

Taru Haajanen

Enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneur, who is experienced, highly motivated, skilled and well networked to enhance your business. Taru is willing to go extra mile for your success!

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